Thursday, September 21, 2006

Phillies Now Tied For First

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The Philadelphia Phillies are now tied for first in the wildcard standings with the Dodgers. Yes, it's now late September and I've written those words.

True Phillies fans are waiting for the implosion. The one game or play that causes total and utter heartbreak. We've been here before and we all expect it. It's the Philly way.

The Phils have ten games left: three against Florida, one against the Astros; three at DC and the last three at the Marlins. The Dodgers and Padres are fighting for the division and the wildcard with the Pads playing the D-Backs tonight and moving on to Pittsburgh, St. Louis and then Arizona again. They are off today.

The Dodgers have an easier run with them finishing up in Pittsburgh tonight, then to Arizona, Colorado and two games at Frisco. They also have a day off in there.

My son is a Padres fan having been born in La Mesa. It's been a blast getting up every morning to check the west coast results.

Buckle up, it's going to be fun.

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