Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Left and Radical Islam (continued)

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This is one writer who is so delusional as to be incomprehensible:

What it is is the latest case of overheated responses to Islamophobia overshadowing Islamophobia itself. Yes, violent protests are bad. But that doesn't excuse Benedict or make him some sort of civil libertarian martyr. The real issue is that the world's preeminent religious leader can get off making statements that could have been posted on Stormfront. That's a problem, and it should be treated as such.

So if I follow this guy's line of thinking, the Pope--quoting an ancient text that is still relevant--is wrong because he spoke his mind. He is a bit put off that the leader of the Catholic church would call out a religion that indeed does force conversion at gunpoint. This guy--like many of his liberal brethren--hate Christianity so much that they've become apologists for Islam. A religion whose leaders would round them up and execute them if given the chance. As for calling the Pope an idiot, that shows how bitter these people are. The Pope is among the most learned men in the world.

This drivel continues:

People seem to think of the Reformation as a time of moderation in Christianity. It wasn't. Martin Luther and John Calvin were a lot of things, but they were not moderates. They differed from the Catholic Church, but in many ways they were much, much more conservative. Similarly, the leaders of the Muslim Reformation are not moderates either. They are either Shi'a fundamentalists (Sadr, Hezbollah, Iran's leadership) or Salafists (al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas). But their more modern, personal Islam might well pave the way for a moderate and even liberal Islam. Who knows: in a few years, we might have the Muslim equivalents of Unitarians and Quakers.

This is one great example of why these peole are not taking seriously. Comparing Martin Luther and John Calvin to Hebollah, al-Qaeda and Hamas is like comparing apples and AK-47's.

Read that last sentence and tell me if these people can be trusted to lead our nation in this very important time.

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