Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Two-sided Front

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Israel continued to attack Gaza and Lebanon today.

On the Lebanon front, they attacked Beirut International Airport hitting (CNN has a video link) fuel depots and rendering the runway unusable. They also hit Hizbullah assets in the south. It is war.

Hizbullah launched missiles as far as Haifa, 30-miles away in a clear escalation. Those missiles were not believed to be in their arsenal and the Israeli's believe they are of Iranian origin.

It's going to be a serious battle, folks. If you are so inclined, say a prayer for Israel because the oldest democracy in the middle east has a battle on their hands.

In other news, the US stood by Israel at the UN and in the other diplomatic forums. John Bolten is a man who does not mince words.

David Twersky has thoughts on Iran's involvement.

Update: The new heroes of the left at Kos channel John Lennon.Well they channel Lennon if Lennon had been an anti-Semitic idiot:

Muslims, Jews, and Christians could live in peace without fear of mutual destruction.

There would be no more need for US AID or justification for Dimona.

We could bring down the Wall, send prisoners home, and families could be reunited.

We could dismantle checkpoints, open crossings, and pull down barbed wire fences.

There would be no more settlements or armed settlers because the people would be united.

We could replant trees and olive groves and rebuild battered cities.

Let me interject here for a moment: Hey moron, when the evil Zionists returned to the land now known as Israel, there were no olive groves. They built a country out of a withering desert with hard work and ingenuity. I return you to this inane rant

No more suicide bombers or sniper fire, and no more dead civilians.

No more targeted killings and hell-fire missiles, or systematic demolitions.

Palestinians and Jews could live together and the world could address other issues.

What a simpler place this world would be

if there was no need for a Jewish majority - where there would otherwise be none.
Is it so hard to imagine?

Actually no you blithering labotomy patient, it's not hard to imagine. I hear Ahmedinejad wishing for the same thing every friggin' day. Hell, the entire Arab world imagines it every day.

The Arab terrorist especially imagine it every day. You were right, you will be compared to a terrorist because you sound no different that the real terrorists presented by al-Jazeera on a daily basis.

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