Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel Might Brings Out the Moonbats

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I knew that Israel would be blamed by the left for the events of the last week:

Israel is a head (sic) in the numbers of those that have been killed in both Lebanon and in Palestine, Israel is the one with the military power and yet somehow this is not Israel's responsibilty. They were "made" to do this in some sort of self defense? I'm having a hard time buying that one. The majority of the people killed by Israel had nothing to do with either kidnapping of soldiers or sending bombs into Israel.

Ok Lisa, I'll type slow so you can understand. Israel is a sovereign nation and as such has the right and responsibility to protect it's citizenry. That citizenry includes military personnel.

You follow so far? Good. Now Lebanon is also a sovereign nation and as such has certain responsibilities. They include stopping a group of people who are now part their government from sneaking across a recognized border and abducting soldiers, lobbing hundreds of rockets into northern Israel and conducting other activities that are harming civilians.

Let's imagine a hypothetical situation where you, Lisa, own a house. Now imagine your neighbor keeps sneaking across and stealing tomatoes or tofu from your garden. Don't you think that you have the right to tell them to stop?

Now imagine that same neighbor is sneaking into your yard, harming your children and lobbing grenades over your fence without regard for you or your families welfare. You tell them to stop but they continue on day after day. What would you do then? That is the position Israel is in. They are forced to defend themselves.

Until Lebanon reins in Hizbullah, Israel has no choice but to do what is needed to protect their citizens. If the Lebanese cared more for their citizenry than they do about the terrorist organization that resides in the southern portion of the country, they would act to expel or stop Hizbullah.

Who's going to stop Israel? The obvious answer is no one, and for our president to be trying to justify this? Sends the message that we in the US don't care about the lives of anyone in the middle east unless they are Israeli.

Well you know all of us evil, fascist Bush sycophants are also Zionists. Hell, I'm a confirmed gentile Zionist.

I ask you Lisa, why should I care for a group of people who bomb civilians during a Passover holiday seder or blow up bars and pizza shops with innocents packed in them? In my view, those people should not be cared about, they should be liquidated. They should be liquidated with extreme prejudice--do not pass go, do not collect 72 virgins.

I'll tell you who is going to stop Israel--only Israel. When Hizbullah comes to the realization that they--acting as the proxy of Syria, Iran or both--have made a grievous mistake, they will see that the Israeli's are deadly serious this time. They will not allow things to return to the uneasy status quo that existed two weeks ago. They will fight until Hizbullah is exterminated or at least quelled for a long period of time.

That is their right and that is their responsibility.

Update: PJ's Media has the most updated info on events in Israel.

Update 2: Europeans condemn Israel. I for one am shocked. Perhaps they know full well that should they support Israel, their large Muslim populations will take to the streets.

Update 3: The IAF took out Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah's office and house. He was not taken out. LGF has the lowdown.

Update 4: More moonbattery at Kos:

Israel is NOT a COUNTRY ...

Update 5: Some Arabs get the point and urge others to do the same.

Update 6: a verbal slapping in the halls of the vaunted UN. Via Hot Air.

Update 7: Tammy Bruce eviscerates Euro leaders as only she can.

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