Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Donk Implosion Continues (part 3)

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Jane Hamsher is apoplectic that Planned Parenthood and NARAL both have pledged their support to Joe Lieberman of Ned Lamont.

Whether her and her far-left blogthren such as Kos know it or not, the Lieberman/Lamont race is as much about their relevance to the Democrats as it is about electing a Senator.

If Lamont loses, that means that all their concentrated effort against Lieberman means nothing to the greater party.

They and their sycophantic followers are dragging their once-proud party down and they don't care.

The single worst thing that can happen to the donks is Ned Lamont winning the election. The Hamshers and Kos' of the world will feel as if their view is vindicated and they will set their sights on other paleo-Democrats that will open a schism in the party that will take years or decades to repair.

The American Thinker has a great post along these lines.

Update: Hold the phone! An upstanding representative of the left (and one who paid for a prostitute with a personal check while Mayor of Cincinnati) declares that I am wrong:

SARASOTA - With less than four months before the 2006 general election, liberals, progressives and Democrats have already won the national debate on where America should go, Democratic activist and talk-show host Jerry Springer told a gathering of the Sarasota County Democratic Party on Tuesday night.

In fact, Springer said, the country is continuing to grow more liberal, and the Democratic Party represents the interests of most people. Conservatives now dominate talk radio because it is the only venue where "angry white males" can rant and rave in a country where the liberals have continued to win since the 1960s, the liberal radio talk-show host told more than 100 people at a party fund-raiser at the Laurel Oak Country Club.

Uh, Jerry. Conservatives have won 5 of the last seven presidential elections and hold both houses. If that is "continuing to win" than let's see more of it. But why is the GOP in control? Jerry explains:

"Most people are not voting their interests," Springer said.

No Jerry, they are voting their interests, that's precisely how people vote. The problem is that you and your party do not appeal to them and are on the wrong side of their interests.

I know what you're thinking, what are Jerry Springer's views on the war? Glad you asked:

He also attacked the logic that Saddam Hussein would provide the weapons to terrorists.

"The last thing in the world a dictator would do is give someone else his weapons of mass destruction," Springer said.

Jerry Springer: Genius!

Update 2: The WaPo piles on the anti-Lieberman bandwagon. It just keeps getting better.

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