Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why the Orioles are the Worst Team in Baseball

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I'm a Phillies fan and they are bad, but they don't outright suck like the Orioles. They also know the race of their players:

BALTIMORE -- Orioles players have joked in the past that they didn't look like their bobblehead dolls. But when a recent shipment of Brian Roberts bobbleheads arrived, team officials knew something was wrong.

Roberts, who is white, had dark skin. It wasn't just a deep tan.

"It didn't look like Brian Roberts. The colouring was bad," Orioles spokesman Bill Stetka said.
The team returned the entire shipment of 20,000 Roberts dolls, which they had planned to hand out today.

Roberts said Friday he wasn't worried about the mix-up. "It's not that big a deal, whatever," said the former Ottawa Lynx player.

First off, who the hell is Brian Roberts and secondly, why would they giveaway a bobblehead depicting him?

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