Monday, June 12, 2006

I Wouldn't Have Held Back

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The autopsy is in and al-Zarqawi died soon after we found his broken body. The MSM was hoping we beat him and published unfounded stories saying we did.

If I had been there, I would have kicked him and beat him for information I know would've saved American lives if I had to. That, my friends is not the equivalent of My Lai.

The good men who were on the scene did not and they are better servicemen than I was.

That may sound cold and callous but the pig BEHEADED other humans for no other reason than to make a misguided he didn't even try to make a point, he HATED them for no other reason than they were not Muslims.

Spare me your senseless bullshit, the man took two 500-pound warheads upside his ass and he full-on deserved them. I hope his last vision in this world was of a special forces hero glaring down at his sorry ass.

End of rant, Cap'n Ed has more.

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