Monday, June 12, 2006

Kossacks Co-opted

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The Yearly Kos fest is over and they are feeling good about themselves. So what if they've never backed a candidate who has won, they had the donks eating out of their hands, right?

Wrong. They were treated to a $50K party by Mark Warner with all the trimmings in an attempt to buy their love on their respective blogs. Warner wined and dined them and took them back to his room where they woke up with a hangover and cab fare home on the night stand. Warner is not their type of candidate--or wasn't until he bought them off with some chocolate and champagne.

They ate it all up. They think that a bunch of pasty, anti-troop types gathering in Vegas is the dawn of a new era. The media and the pseudo-stars of the party actually talked to them and they believe they now a part of the establishment, power players.

They will go back to their holes and continue to write their daily drivel thinking they are making a difference when in fact they've made none. The only things they've accomplished is getting a wink from the true players and a debt to their parents for the plane fare to Vegas regardless of what they've been hearing.

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