Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Friggin' Rant

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Boston Globe writer Joan Vennochi has this little gem:

REINSTATE THE military draft and see how quickly the United States ends its war in Iraq.

Imagine if all our sons and daughters were at risk for deployment to the desert. Imagine if all our children faced the Al Qaeda-style butchery that took the lives of two American soldiers, Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker of Madras, Ore., and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca of Houston.

If we feared our children were next up to be gutted like fish, we might be less likely to shake our heads at crazy antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan. If turning 18 meant your kid's boots on the ground, a resolution to pull troops out of Iraq by a certain date might grab more than six votes in the US Senate.

You see what she's doing? She wants to re-institute the draft because of pure political reasons. End the war at all costs and damn the consequences.

Well you know what Ms. Vennochi, we don't need the draft because people like the brave PFC's Tucker and Menchaca chose to enlist and serve their country. I know that is so completely out of the realm of your understanding as to be incomprehensible, but some people--and I am one--believe that this country is worth protecting. I enlisted because I believe that our way of living is worth protecting and although not perfect, is the truest, most open form of government ever invented.

I enlisted and took the oath to defend our way of life even if it meant my life. PFC Tucker and PFC Menchaca felt the same way I'm sure.

If you want to cut and run, that's fine, you have the right to voice that opinion. But don't you dare think that you can use the names of two brave warriors who've died horribly to further a cause you espouse. Cindy Sheehan has done it and you are doing it and you make me fucking sick.

Sheehan has no more authority than other mothers who've lost their children. In fact, by Ms. Sheehans actions and yours, you are increasing the propaganda that terrorists in Iraq are using to recruit those who wish to kill more troops.

Ah, you'll never get it and I don't expect you to. Perhaps you'll say a prayer for those who died and their families one day. Right now you're doing nothing more than spitting on their graves by shamelessly using them to further an agenda.

It's your right to do it, but rights come with responsibilities and you are being highly irresponsible.

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