Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blogger Capitalism Vs. Totalitarianism

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Ace touches on something that makes sense:

When Kos says "Jump!," the "independent, maverick" Jane Hamsher says "How high? And should I wash your feet thereafter?"

They know who signs their checks, don't they?

Instapundit, as big as he is, doesn't have this kind of power (and of course wouldn't exercise it if he did, unless it was about his sexual fetish for teeny-tiny nanowomen). The power on the right side of the blogosphere is kinda diffused; there are really big blogs, but a bunch of them. Kind of like capitalism, where there are numerous independent power bases competing with the one big power base (the government).

Remember the truly nasty spats on the right about Harriet Miers between Hugh Hewitt and, well, almost everyone else?

But over in Kosland, it's as you would expect it: there's one big centralized power center, and everyone beneath it snaps to smartly. They know there's only one way to advance within the party.

The comparison of right-wing blogs to capitalism and the lefty sites to a totalitarian regimen is interesting. Don't get me wrong, the lefty sites have capitalist tendencies because whether they like to admit it or not, they love the money. I would compare them to the Chinese. The communist government controls everything, and has the power to dictate who thrives and who does not. Just like Kos and Armstrong and their little politboro.

Chairman Mao Tse Kos and his comrades are ruling with an iron fist and they are using money to keep their little lapdogs in line.

Too funny.

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