Friday, June 23, 2006

New Jersey is the Nanny State

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A highly misguided legislator wants to ban aluminum baseball bats for high school and youth league games (third item):

TRENTON (AP) -- A New Jersey lawmaker wants to return the crack of the bat to youth baseball games to help prevent serious injuries.

Assemblyman Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., D-Middlesex, today introduced legislation to require youth and high school baseball leagues to use only wood bats. The measure comes after a 12-year-old from Wayne was seriously injured when hit in the chest by a line drive off a metal bat."

The speed at which a ball comes off an aluminum bat can be so great that the reaction time for a pitcher to protect himself or herself is reduced to almost zero," Diegnan said. "We cannot protect every player against on-field injury, but we can correct a balance of power that has swung disproportionately in favor of hitters using increasingly lethal bats."

The bill would mandate the use of wood bats in all leagues where youths under age 18 participate. An exemption would be granted only for a game in which the visiting team hails from out-of-state.

The state sales tax is due to be increased as is the business tax, spending is going insane, the state has myriad problems that must be dealt with and this idiot is pushing legislation like this.

Assemblyman Diegnan, kindly take the proposed legislation and shred it immediately. Kids have been playing baseball for years with aluminum bats and the amount of injuries is slight.

The NJ dems are in the process of driving businesses out of the state because of oppressive legislation, perhaps the Assembyman can look into those issues and leave the baseball bat issue alone.

You can contact the meddlesome Assemblyman here.

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