Sunday, November 20, 2005

Michelle Malkin and the "Unhinged" Left

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In Michelle Malkin's new book--Unhinged, my old friend at the indispensible Indymedia Watch gets a mention.

The book is good, I began reading yesterday and it's interesting to relive the instances and events she discusses in the book. More when I complete it.

BTW, Michelle smacks back at those who wish to hurl slurs. I agree with her, intelligent debate never includes involving ones family. If you get your ass kicked on facts, turn tail and act like France. If you have to result to knocking someones gender or racial origin, you have not only lost the debate, you've lost your morality. In the case of those who slam Michelle, they seem to have lost both.

The looney left are the self-appointed protectors of minorities and women, until the minority decides to be conservative or the woman chooses not to accept the NOW or NARAL bullshit. If some choose to not follow the liberal-induced minority orthodoxy, they become fair game for the cowards who hide behind screen names and anonymity.

Here's a novel approach, scumbags; if Michelle writes a column that you disagree with, challenge her on facts. Your response should not include the words "asian", "gook", "c**t" or "bitch". If you feel you can't finish your opinion without injecting those words, you've already lost and you should go back to the drive-in window and dispense the fries and burgers.

I am probably the biggest critic of the Philadelphia Inquirer's Trudy Rubin, I have never once disparaged her for looks, race, religion or gender. If she's right, I give her credit. If she's wrong, I pick her apart on facts.

Come on lefties and Democrats, we need a two-party system in the US right about now. The minority party is in tatters and it's because of people who call anyone they disagree with a "gook bitch". If you want to be taken seriously, be serious. Stop throwing pies at conservative speakers, stop the Bush=Hitler rhetoric and stop the "Bush lied" meme, these are baseless and frankly make you look like exactly what you are--a group of people who should never be trusted with political power again.

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