Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Happy weekend, y'all.

-This was a busy week in politics with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejecting the presidents appeal to re-instate the temporary ban from 7 nations who cannot properly vet their own people. The 9th Circuit is the most overturned appellate court in America so that won't stand for long. If opponents of Trump's plan actually paid attention to what he plans on doing, they would see it's a solid plan and one that will provide a measure of safety and security. Plus, all one needs to do is look at the example set by Germany. Angela Merkel welcomed refugees into Germany and spent a ton of political capital defending her actions. That turned out to be a really bad decision on many levels. She now is implementing policies more strict than what Trump has laid out.

-Trump supporters have been calm thus far (in spite of what you may have header on #fakenews CNN or MSNBC). While liberal fascists burn down stores, halt free speech and throw bricks and feces, those on the political right have sat back and just watched. Eventually, if things continue as they have this first month of the Trump administration, they will not be content to just sit by and take it. This is a warning and a statement of fact, those who elected Trump are a calm lot happy to make a decent paycheck, take a weeks vacation and go out to dinner one night a week. But there is also a predominance of alfa genes in the group and all it will take is one spark to set that fire. If events like this continue, I fear that blaze may begin sooner rather than later.

-Back during the Obama years, many federal agencies were stocking up on ammo--so much so that it affected supplies in some areas. The reason was never addressed by Obama and the issue faded. Well now it's back again. Why the hell does the National Park Service have hundreds let alone thousands of rounds of ammo stored? I guess the question now is why was it not protected from theft?

-Trump is meeting with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe this weekend. Japan is critical in the efforts to curtail Chinese ambitions in the region and Trump's warmness is a clear sign to Beijing that Trump is looking to strengthen our relationship with Tokyo. The US has numerous military bases throughout the Home Islands and Okinawa and they would be critical for any offensive efforts or in a defensive role.

-Expect word soon that we will be ramping up operations in Afghanistan soon. One General called our efforts in the 16-year was "stagnant". General Mattis is meeting with NATO leaders this week in Europe for talks on the situation.

-Chucky Schumer thinks he can stop Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Unfortunately for this sniveling weasel his predecessor left him some baggage to deal with--mainly the use of the nuclear option. Once Harry Reid pulled that out, it can't be put back and expect Mitch McConnell to invoke it for Gorsuch.

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