Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trump Proving America & Free Markets Work...Again.

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For some reason, every decade or so America forgets that we are a nation built on free market economics. Perhaps it's the occasional downturns that do it or the promise of a brighter future espoused by a left-wing community organizer with no history of working anywhere that required any business acumen. Sometimes it's scandal that pushes us in the direction of European socialism. Either way, for some reason people lose their collective minds and we elect people who hate free markets and corporations.

But then a funny thing happens, people look around and say to themselves that we are seriously offtrack. It may be because they are unemployed, under-employed or just stagnant in their position. They grow sick of being called selfish wanting more for them and their children when they know they are not.

The Obama years are a great example of that. Obama has an inherent belief that the USA has been a bad actor, that we've ravaged lesser nations and exploited them for our gain. The unshakeable belief that corporations are evil to the nation, their employees and society as a whole (until he and his fellow Dems need money) guided us during the Obama years. You may recall his "you didn't build that" bullshit. He undermined corporations at every turn and instead of holding America up as an economic beacon for the world he attacked them. In all my years I never once thought we'd have a sitting president attempt to thwart the very power that makes us great.

Enter Trump. By cutting regulations, cutting taxes and constantly pushing American business as good for the world, he's fundamentally changed us as a nation. We have hope where none existed under Obama unless you were here illegally, living off the government dole or enjoyed paying more for health insurance while getting less. We are in the beginning stages of an economic tsunami whereby the sheer power of the US economy will lead to a turnaround globally. Trump has laid a plan out that ensures we trade equally in the world market place. His actions will force several things to happen; if other nations want to succeed they will have to innovate, improve efficiency and take risks, all the hallmarks of free markets. His speech this week in Davos was a great example. "America is open for business" is exactly the thinking that made America great.

Democrats have been reduced to telling Americans that $1,000 is "crumbs" while just a few years ago were praising $40 as huge. They are loathe to even acknowledge that the economy is booming, people's 401K's are getting fatter and people feel secure in the future. Instead they attack it and even go so far as to say that Obama is responsible. But they are once again on the wrong side of where the nation is. People vote their pocketbook or wallet. There's no way the citizens of the US will stop this economic juggernaut. Democrats are in the unenviable position of arguing that the extra money you take home every two weeks or that bonus you just received is "crumbs" or is just a big ploy by your employer to screw you. The fact people have more money and very few Democrats voted for it is a an even bigger problem for them is if they beat Trump (an idea looking increasingly unlikely) they will have to vote to raise taxes once again.

These are really good times in America regardless of what's said by Democrats and in the fever swamps on the left. Real people are making real money and the middle class is being rebuilt. In spite of what every liberal and never Trumper believed, we are booming and they can all be left to their miserable lives where Trump lives rent free in their heads. The oil and gas sector is leading the world while hurting Russia and OPEC in the process forcing real change. Chinese expansion will be seriously curtailed if we forge further economic alliances with emerging Asian nations.

Overall we are in a good place with some missteps--namely the tariffs slapped on washing machines and solar cells reported this week. Yet the grade for economic policies is a solid A+.

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