Tuesday, February 07, 2017

"Not Until the Boom"

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Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly spoke on the Hill today talking to the House and one of the topics was the temporary ban on the seven nations who do not have the infrastructure to properly vet their people immigrating or claiming refugee status in the US.

Kelly was blunt and told the panel that it's critical we have this ban in place and that the court order stopping it may well have allowed those who wish us harm to enter. When asked how would we know he said "not until the boom" which appeared to take some on the panel by surprise.

Do they not understand that is the reason Trump wants the ban in place? In the liberal mind Trump's only rational is that he hates Muslims and it never occurs to them that he is doing it to protect the nation because they refuse to admit to themselves that we have an enemy who wants to kill as many of us as they can.

In the days since a liberal judge ordered the ban halted, untold potential enemies may have entered. Will any of the prop who were against the temporary ban actually care. Will they comfort the husbands, wives, sons or daughters of the next attack? They no longer have Obama running interference for them by labeling the attacks as "workplace violence" or "a lunatic with a gun". If we get attacked again and it comes to light that they entered during this time period, I will blame liberals and excoriate them as I never have before.

Let's see what the Ninth Circuit rules tonight but make no mistake, by fighting this temporary ban, liberals have made America less safe and for anyone paying attention, the terrorists mostly hit the soft underbelly of America or more plainly, liberal cities.

Video available here as is the full transcript.

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