Monday, May 08, 2006

RINO Sightings

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Welcome to the latest RINO Carnival. As is the norm, a diverse group looks at all different types of issues and opines on what they think.

We'll start with Dean Esmay who comments on what is dissent and what it means. Dean nails it about a quote mistakenly linked to Thomas Jefferson:

Claiming it's patriotic is a great way to act like your words or actions should be immune to criticsm though.

Joe of A Typical Joe brings us his thoughts on the future of advertising and the "on demand" climate we live in with regard to TV and other visual entertainment.

I had some trouble posting what Dane wanted so I went to his site to pick the best post. Well, that was difficult since they are all good. This stood out, though. He asked a very good question:

So... if it's about Israel, and not the Jews, why were the Arabs trying to kill all the Jews BEFORE there was an Israel?

Orac celebrates Ten Commandments Day in a way only he can, by fisking the website commemorating the day. They definitely deserve it.

Our correspondent in Switzerland, Pigilito, has a good essay on free speech in Europe. Free speech is under attack across the globe.

The excellent Ex-Donk blog looks reviews United 93 and is impressed.

A RINO to be particularly proud of submits this entry. A.J. Strata has shown just how good the blogosphere can be lately and has become a daily read. This post is indicative of his genius.

Jane continues doing yeoman's work by exposing the Yemeni regime. Yemen is a hotbed of terrorist activity and is probably the most oppressive government in the world.

Enrevanche has written an open and poignant letter to the most powerful medical doctor in the country. Barry also talks of so-called "Crunchy Cons" and Rod Dreher's book.

Jim K. has some thoughts on hybrids and the overall direction we should head with regard to fuel.

The Commissar explores this also and delves into the use of ethanol and other fuels.

Digger at Digger's Realm looks into the numbers on polling about immigration and finds that Jews have different opinions than the country at large.

Over at Tom Rants, we have this along similar lines:

I have a better idea. Let’s try to imagine a day without blowhard demagogues. If the choice is a country with 20 million extra Mexican immigrants or a country with 20 million extra Tom Tancredos…give me the Mexicans.

Agreed. But with 20-million Tom Tancredo's, our lawns would never get cut.

Keeping with the illegal immigrant theme, Mog ponders what it is to live in an area where the "reconquista" movement would like to take. She has more on the debate here and here.

In other news, Don Surber shows just how ludicrous the "Big Oil" debate is. Sadly congress and the Senate are attempting to score lame political points at the expense of industry and betraying these businesses. He compares "Big Oil" to "Big Ego":

Katie Couric's show is 6 times as profitable as Exxon

Over at Searchlight, a great post that has this statement:

I would not make it illegal for the press to publish anything, so long as they're willing to defend it's factuality in court.

Also at Searchlight, this article on the imploding housing market in California. Generally, as goes California, so goes the reast of the nation.

Larry Bernard looks at the fear mongering in the weather prediction arena. The morse frightened the people are Larry, the more funding these yahoo's will get.

And finally, my buddy AWCIII and I have been paying attention to a professor at the university he attends. She is filling young minds with alot of garbage and AWCIII and I called her on it. She's not happy. Click here, here, here, here and here to see where we stand. Go to the main page and you'll read alot more.

That's the carnival for the week. For anyone I missed, e-mail me and you'll be included. Trackbacks will have to wait.

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