Saturday, November 12, 2016

Whiny Snowflake Makes Big Plans

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Meet Jacob. Jacob is a community organizer and writer for the Huffington Post. I may be wrong but I highly doubt either job pays all that well, but I digress.

Anyway, our hero and social justice warrior has an eight point plan to counteract the things the big meanie President Trump has planned after Trump issued his "terrifying" list of what he hopes to accomplish the first 100 days.

Let's pick out the top actions Jakey plans on taking and recommends you do as well:

1. Think of 10 friends that might be eager to take action but unsure of what to do. Text them right now and invite them to sit down on Sunday (or other suitable day) to make a plan together.

I'm doubtful Jacob has ten friends but I'll play along. I'm also assuming that Jakey and his friends don't like football since he selected Sunday and most American men watch it that day, all day. No idea what plan they are thinking of conjuring up but it's a start. 

3. On Sunday, spend the first 30 minutes just talking about what’s happened.The shock and anger are real. Talk about it.

I'm sure the shock and anger are real, Jacob you live in a cocoon where you only hear things that you agree with. Echo chambers aren't generally good news sources. Plus I'm guessing that you never venture more than ten miles outside a major city unless it's to drive to another major city and make sure you have enough gas so you don't get freaked out seeing someone open carry. Trump had momentum and was getting 30,000 at his rallies, your candidate was a low energy criminal who has more baggage than an airline 

4. Present some options for action, discuss and vote. Do you want to volunteer at a homeless shelter together? Attend the meetings of a local immigration solidarity group? Escort women safely into and out of abortion clinics? Attend community council meetings? vote on which option your group wants to pursue, and commit to being there and meeting for 30 minutes after for a debrief.

It sounds like Jacob is really into talking, doesn't it? Briefs, debriefs and more meetings. Are there still homeless shelters? I thought Obama was a light bringer and was going to make sure we had no poor or homeless. Wait a minute, I bet they are all vets who were neglected be the VA. You may not like vets Jacob.

5. Finally, name your group together. Make it serious, or funny, or whatever. Just make it yours. And then create a text/whatsapp/groupme and a facebook group to keep in contact.

I have a great name: The Deplorables. Oh damn, that name is already taken. 

8. Get out into your privileged communities and start telling stories about what you’re experiencing ― especially to people who disagree. Have dinner with refugees. Work alongside undocumented people. These experiences will change you, and a good retelling of those experiences can change others too ― even a bigoted uncle or friend might be forced to think twice.

Privileged community? never mind. I do like the idea of having dinner with refugees though. Have dinner with a Syrian refugee and ask him his feelings on homosexuality, women and free speech. It should be enlightening. And please, please tell Trump voters what you're experiencing and you feelings, that will be great and will probably end in you getting a beat down. As for the bigoted uncle, I'm reasonably sure you don;t get invited to a lot of family get-togethers, do you Jacob? As for thinking twice, I'm sure they've thought numerous times and every time realized that your side is full of psychotic assholes like you and we don;t want anymore of those. 

Feel free to take Jacob's advice, you too can be a social justice warrior. 

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