Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thoughts on Trump Not Going After Hillary

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I know there will be a lot of pissed off people that "lock her up!" will not come to fruition--at least not by Trumps command. The Clinton's are scum and have been doing illegal shit for 30-40 years, we all know that. They should've been locked up decades ago but alas they were still around polluting America and selling access (and Uranium) while leaking secrets.

But think about this from Trump's perspective; the man has no ability under law to order her arrested or even order an investigation. We know that presidents can and have persuaded the FBI to look into certain things, congress as well. However, what really comes from it?

Trump needs to play ball somewhat here. He owns the House and the Senate but the Senate can hold thing up unless we invoke the nuclear option--which I'm all in favor of doing selectively. By going hard after Clinton and putting an old sick woman who, by the way, garnered 60-million votes in the penitentiary serves him no good. It looks vindictive and honestly won;t help him in the long run.

That's not to say Sessions may not opt to prosecute but that's for when he takes office and looks at the evidence. The new head of the FBI will have to look at the evidence as well and see if he feels as Comey did. If he opts to look deeper at the email issue or the Clinton Foundation and finds strong evidence, that's a completely different animal if the evidence supports it.

Trump played the "lock her up" card and played it well. But it was just campaign rhetoric. He can't govern with that mindset and was wise to drop it for now. But if he starts wavering on other important promises I'll be the first to hit him hard. He better deport illegals starting with the criminals and he better build the damn wall (and get Mexico to pay). He better fix the VA and rebuild our military and he better put a hold on refugees coming from countries who wish us harm. If he starts getting wishy-washy on that he will be called out and he'll serve one term only.

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