Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Night News & Notes

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Gotta love the start of the holiday season. A 4 day weekend is within pissing distance. Here's what else is happening:

-Former Enron advisor and noted economist (who has been wrong on everything economic in the last 15 years) said on election night the market would never recover. The market hit new record highs today. Nothing this guy says is ever right.

-The media visited with Trump to find out what kind of access they'd get to the new administration. He pretty much told them none and berated them. People will say this isn't presidential and the reporters will whine like the little pussies they are but A) he's not president yet and B) they were so biased that they have set their industry back decades.

-This bears serious watching. Philly, NYC, San Francisco and Chicago are all on notice that they will play by the rule of law or pay the price.

-There have been three shootings of cops in the last two days. This has got to stop. Make it a federal crime to shoot a cop and make it a mandatory minimum of life. I'm not into mandatory minimums but I am for this. Prayers to Benjamin Marconi's family.

-Will the left actually incite a civil war? Not directly against Trump supporters by expect some subversive tactics.

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