Friday, November 25, 2016

The War on Terror Continues

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Unfortunately with Obama in office the last eight years, the media has dutifully not reported on the ongoing battles that make up the greater War on Terror that started on 9/11. It was on the front page while Bush was in and leveled Bush's wars. The media gleefully reported every death and were giddy as the death toll reached higher levels. That may sound really cold but that is exactly what happened from the invasion of Iraq on. They restrained themselves during the onset of the war in Afghanistan, at least until they felt comfortable criticizing Bush for that affair. They never criticized Obama for the many deaths on his watch.

Then Obama was elected as the anti-war president. He would get the world to understand that peace is the answer and through sheer will and his magical words the world would settle down. That didn't happen. He pulled us out of Iraq without a plan and that's devolved into the mess we now have. He led air strikes against Qaddafi without having a plan to fill the void left by the lack of leadership and he further destroyed any US credibility by drawing a line in the sand with regard to Assad in Syria and then not reacting when that line was crossed.

He labeled ISIS the Jayvee team and paid them no credence until it was too late and they had retaken areas where many US men and women died fighting for. He decided to fight a war where we would send over-worked special operations units in to "advise" with horrible rules of engagement. He said "no boots on the ground" and the media played that up while we had the boots of SEAL's, Rangers and other special operators on the ground.

Now the war has come down to us having troops in more countries than ever. men are dying in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas we will never hear about. Through disjointed "leadership" and men and women advising him who do not believe that we are fighting a true enemy but that we are in fact as bad or worse than they are we have landed in this spot.

President Trump will inherit more of a mess than Obama did and it's all through the sheer lack of a coherent strategy on fighting the greater war.

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