Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Morning News & Notes

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-This is one way to fight an asymmetrical war.

-Well this is highly unusual:

The commanding officer of a dock landing ship called it quits Monday.  
She walked off her job leading the roughly 420-person crew of the dock landing ship Rushmore, Navy Times has learned, an option that isn't available to most other service members without serious repercussions.  
Cmdr. Sarah DeGroot told the head of Amphibious Squadron 3, Capt. Homer Denius, on Monday that she was resigning as the Rushmore's CO. Three sources were unable to immediately specify why she'd taken this highly unusual and likely career-ending move. 

No word on whether the crew were happy or not. But it is the gator navy so I'm guessing yes they were, we are a bunch of salty sailors.

-Antarctic ice hasn't decreased in a long time. 

-This is a new form of terror and looks to be unstoppable. Israel will come up with a plan but this is frightening. 

-The left starts eating their own. If Howard Dean is insulting Tulsi Gabbard--a shining start of their party--they are imploding. 

-So not one celebrity who threatened to move has done so. Not only are they untalented with low IQ's but are liars as well. 

-The next time someone preaches about the greatness of sanctuary cities and scoffs at the idea of securing our borders, remind them of this story.

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