Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Good morning.

This is todays must read. The liberal establishment still does not get why Trump won. Hopefully they never wake up and educate themselves. If you play the identity politics game, you better be ready for identity politics.

Here's another attempt to explain Trump winning.

Don't buy the media hype about Jeff Sessions. I find it amusing that the Democrats had Robert Byrd--a former KKK Kleagle--as their senior Senator for decades.

Keep an eye on Obama as he is ushered out the door. Hundreds if not thousands of new regulations will be passed in the next two months.

Rosie is not happy. I like Rosie when she is not happy. ALL CAPS MEANS SHE"S SERIOUS AND MAD!

Note to liberals, Americans are not going to sit back and have you lecture us. I've a feeling this administration is going to fire back at the media for every non-factual essay they write. Good.

A British MP believes that James Bond sends a toxic message about masculinity. Apparently the idiocy from the left here is just like the idiocy over there.

This is cool:

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