Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Night Music

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Happy Friday. It's a good day, my dad turns 87 tomorrow and partying tonight. The man can still knock em back with the young kids. I guess all of us Navy vets have that ability.

Tonight it's all upbeat songs starting with The Allman Brothers Band. Warren Haynes wrote Soulshine and to this day it is one of the most uplifting songs of hope. Here Gregg and Warren trade vocals and Warren and Derek Trucks trade licks in what amounts to one of the more epic dual solos I've epic seen.

Next we have a great Canadian band that never really go their due. They were always compared to Rush and the only things they had in common were a singer with a higher pitched voice and the were Canucks. It was an unfair comparison. Rik Emmitt wails on this live version of Fight the Good Fight:

The Jerry Garcia Band played this Dylan song a lot but it never got stale and Jerry's voice soared and his guitar always sounded amazing as it echoed throughout the arena:

Finally 311 doing The Cure's Lovesong admirably.

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