Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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I used to love Sundays...but I'm an Eagles fan so they have kinda lost their luster lately.

Anyway, here's what's new in the world:

-President Obama will address the nation tonight at 8:00 ET. What will he say? I'm guessing some platitudes about how the ISIS attack was an unforeseen tragedy and then he will pound home the anti-gun rhetoric. Americans don't blame guns, they blame militant Islam and he had better tread lightly here or he will hurt his party immeasurably.

-And what of the GoPro video shot by Farook and his bride? If she took the time to pledge allegiance to ISIS before attacking, does it not stand to reason she uploaded it somewhere in the hours between the attack and the subsequent fatal run-in with the police?

-Now this is interesting: allegedly the rifles used by Farook and his wife were purchased by a neighbor. Police have not able to talk with the man because he checked himself into a mental hospital following the attack. This obliterates the contention by Senator Barbara Boxer that California gun laws worked in this case.

-This week the armed forces were forced to fully integrate women into combat roles. Any job a man can do, a women can try to earn. I for one think this is great provided they do not lower the standards one single bit. I also believe this social experiment will be a disaster. For true equality however, we need to make it mandatory that all US women must sign up for the draft just like every 18 year old boy does.

-Staying with the women in combat idea, I find it hilarious that news channels that are demonstrably feminist are looking the angle that the woman terrorist attacked because of post-partum depression or some other distinctly feminine reason. They say they want women in combat roles yet make say that feminine issues could have a effect on performance. You can't have it both ways. Face it, women are just as violent and blood thirsty as men--especially when dealing with jihadi's.

-Scientists say that a meatless diet may cause mental issues. Just like global warming, I believe the science is settled.

-Finally, the college football playoffs will be set today. Safe money says Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Michigan State will be the four. In what order is yet to be determined except Clemson being the #1 seed.

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