Thursday, December 03, 2015

Can We Call It Terrorism Now?

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Let's see; gunmen attack civilians in an area where they congregate with the intent to kill as many as possible, they arm themselves to the teeth for the task and wear tactical gear for access to said weapons. They murder many and are then taken down by the police force. They do all this in the name of Islam. Is that terrorism?

It sure as hell was two weeks ago in France. The French didn't try to pass it off as anything except for what it was--radical Islamic jihad.

So why are Obama, the media and the entire Democratic party (but I'm redundant) trying to make this what it isn't? This is not workplace violence or a disgruntled worker, this is 100% terrorism as perpetrated by al-Qaeda and ISIS throughout the world.

They are doing this because to acknowledge it as an act of terror would force Obama to act and he doesn't want to act against ISIS, al-Qaeda or any other Muslim group. To be fair, he doesn't want to act against anyone who wishes America harm since many who are of the same mind believe we deserve this. Our past indiscretions around the globe are--in the eloquent words of Obama's pastor-- "coming home to roost".

This is the new face of Islamic terror. It's no longer big events like toppling the World Trade Center; it's small groups with a little funding, some bomb making skills and the will to meet their 72 virgins (or whatever the hell is promised to the women involved). ISIS didn't plan this but ISIS provoked it through constant encouragement on social media. This is the new face of terror and it's just a click away.

From all evidence available, the gunmen was a devout Muslim and a guy who was normal. His coworkers gave him a baby shower and he was evidently well liked. But he visited Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and took a wife who seemed to believe in the cause of jihad. He became radicalized, grew his beard, amassed weapons and ammo, made IED's and killed 14 people without blinking. He was born in the US, raised in the US but he decided to do his part to help the caliphate and did so under the radar. He was in contact with known terrorists and we missed his interactions.

As for the media making this out as a work dispute; please spare me. He went into the party and cased the place. He saw nothing but a soft target and went out, donned his tactical gear, rammed a clip home and he and his bride started killing indiscriminately. Of course he left in a huff, he was planning on coming back in and taking the life of all present if possible. He may have hated some people he worked with--we all have work disputes--but usually that is taken care of one on one. Not in this case, he tried to kill everyone because he was a terrorist, not because some dude had a better parking spot or because of a promotion he didn't get.

But alas, you'll hear the media play up that angle because they are protecting Obama and according to him and his people there's been no terrorist attacks since he's been in office. The Boston Marathon bombing, Fort Hood and now this were just wackos with too easy access to weapons. The fact that they are all Muslims is just a side note and highly coincidental.

So we don't respond, they continue to attack and more die. That is the legacy of eight years of Obama. The War on Terror is back on our shores and we refuse to acknowledge it's in our own front yard.

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Unknown said...

Our society has simply lost its mind. It doesn't realize that it is endorsing a set of destructive beliefs that literally weaken our nation. We are all guilty for allowing this to go so far.