Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Day two of a holiday weekend. Enjoy it:

-Perhaps Nancy Pelosi should have let us all read and debate the Obamacare bill before it was voted upon, Instead we're stuck with insanely high price increases for young people and an unfunded fiasco. Oh yeah, this bill also effectively gave the government control of the student loan racket.

-You want to know what has been the end result of Obama's and Rahm's policies are? This sums it up in a nutshell.This too: everything these people touch turns to shit--the reverse Midas effect.

-So a sitting US Senator allegedly has been banging prostitutes in the DR and allegedly at least one was underage so he's allegedly a rapist as well. I noted previously that feminists have all but ignored this story because the senator is a Democrat who's pro-abortion and they don't want to muddy the waters. So what does a feminist writing for, what used to be a reputable magazine write about? The use of the word "panties" being "degrading" and "infantilizing". This is what has become of Michael Kelly's magazine.

-I just have to ask this: what the hell is the deal with profiles of Yoko Ono lately. Yea, I get she's 80 or whatever and is anti-fracking, but why does anyone, anywhere care what she has to say? She's a no-talent musician, her "art" sucks and she hasn't ever really come up with an original idea I've heard of. She was a wanna be who scored big by convincing John Lennon she was a) good looking and B) smart; she is neither. because the guy who wrote the song encompassing the liberal wet dream says she's cool, we're all supposed to believe it. I care about as much what Yoko Ono says about fracking as I do what a guy from Latvia thinks about baseball. I quote Roger Waters here: "Did you understand the music, Yoko. Or was it all in vain...the bitch said something mystical (herro). Below is an example of Yoko's "art".

-Walter E. Williams breaks it down.  Men like him are ignored because they try to get to the root of the problem and not automatically say throw more money at it.

-Also in IBD, sequestration would cut just 3% of spending and liberals are freaking out. How are we ever going to really make cuts?

-The NCAA conference tournament season is fast approaching. Since I featured a hot chick from U of L last week, let's return the favor and take note that an hour and a half east in Lexington, they grow them pretty nice as well. Too bad UK will be in the NIT.

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