Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Happy humpday. I'm full of piss and vinegar so let's get this started.

-So Rand Paul solidified his position as the #1 pain in the ass to Democrats today by actually taking Hillary to task for the deaths of four people who worked for her or those who worked for her. Hillary, of course, choked up, got theatrical (what difference does it make?!!!) and seemed shocked that anyone would question the veracity of her statements because, you dumbass heathen, she's friggin Hillary Clinton. While my esteemed senator--you know, the one with the illegal alien pedophile he kept on his staff until after the election so he didn't look like a senator scummy enough to hire an illegal alien pedophile in the first place--actually equated what happened in Benghazi with WMD in Iraq. I'm sure he thought that was clever when he mentioned the idea of bringing it up to the other felons he has on his staff, but I digress. And oh yeah, Dr. Rand Paul got the treatment from the ambiguously gay Terry Moran for his troubles. Fuck you Hillary, Robert Menendez and Terry Moran.

-We all know people who are from Delaware are just strange. I mean, they are the really strange people from Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties who were just too weird for them to deal with so they were exiled across the river. Now this upstanding Delawarean decided that having sex with a dog and having her better half take pictures was a damn good idea. Alright, now based on the picture of the perp, she's not exactly attracting the highest caliber of boyfriend but a dog? Really? I guess it's no worse than eating one like Obama but who am I to judge?

-Kurt at Gay Patriot asks a damn good question? Perhaps Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are our native Daniel Hannan's. At least I hope so.

-I wish actors would just STFU when it comes to discussing politics. Sure they have the right to say anything and I served to protect that right but why does every word have to be so fucking inane? Actor David Arquette (I don't have a clue what's he been  in, have no desire to look it up and can only hope he's the brother of Roseanna who was almost, kinda, sorta hot once) actually said that weapon clips in Hollywood movies should be limited just like he wants in real life. You're kidding me, right Dave? I mean, Hollywood has made trillions on weapons being fired in every conceivable way and now you're advocating this kind of bullshit? BTW, I looked it up and his sister is actually not the aforementioned Roseanna but is still kinda hot. At least this moron has that going for him.

-Why do governments always freak out when those they send to kill do crazy shit? You are sending them into a situation where they will face death assholes, stress relievers are mandatory and this guy is about the scariest and threatening a Frenchmen could ever appear be. The "offending picture is below and the French have their collective thongs in a bunch but if I'm the dude pictured, I would revel in some Malians running in horror from me instead of locking and loading.

Oh yeah, by the way, we are in another war. By my count, that makes Libya, Yemen and now Mali. Obama has Bush by one and I would bank on at least one more during the next four years. Is this why they hate us?

This post brought to you by Katie Pavlich because conservative women are hot:


snuffyny said...

Like your thoughts.
FYI, David Arquette was married to Courtney Cox. They appeared in the "Scream" movies. That's his claim to fame.
And I never thought of Roseanna Arquette as being any form of Hot.


Anonymous said...

Show me a hot lib,youcant.I always enjoy it when you let loose brother.I need something to get me through the winter.