Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Morning ya'll.

Here's what's new:

-I like New England and San Francisco. I wouldn't mind seeing the Raven move on but Brady is the Terminator in AFC Championship games.

-If I said to you, "what is the keystone of rights in the US?" what would you say? Karen Heller says that Roe vs. Wade is the "keystone". Listen, I don't wade into the abortion debate too often and understand that there's a need for abortion on occasion, however, it's utterly insane to call a "keystone of rights".  The funny thing is, Heller would scoff at me if I said that my right to own weapons is a keystone of rights even though that is explicitly granted to me in the Constitution while abortion exists due to a murky ruling by the Supreme Court. This essay by Heller shows why the Inquirer is considered an unserious played in the debates of the day.

-In 2016, we will see one of the deepest presidential fields the GOP has put up in decades. Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, Rick Scott and Bobby Jindal are the beginning of what will be an expanding field. Rand Paul is already hitting Christie for his anti-gun stance. As noted by Professor Reynolds, gun control is a major issue for voters and will continue to be so in four years.

-World champion shooter Jessie Duff explains weapons in an easy to understand way. And damn, the girl is hot (of yeah, Jesse Jackson is a complete and total moron and probably should watch this video):

-For those who may have believed differently, al-Qaeda is not "on the run" and most-definitely is rearming. Obama's foreign policy has not been the stunning success some claim it to be. But fear not my friends, Obama is making inquiries and will have a strongly worded message in a few weeks. Besides, the administration did such a bang-up job preventing, responding to and investigating the Benghazi fiasco where our ambassador and his former SEAL protectors died.

-The Top Ten Undrafted NFL Free Agents. I would say Warner and Welker are two that a bunch of teams are kicking themselves over.

-Lady Gaga is performing at one of the myriad inaugural balls. You know, nothing says I'm a serious man and America is a serious nation like inviting a woman who once wore meat and sported blue armpit, pubic and head hair.

-And finally, judging from their pictures, the 49ers cheerleaders kick the hell out of the Patriots from a hotness standpoint.

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