Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy MLK Day

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Happy Monday and a special happy birthday to that great Republican Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King was that rarest of men, a man with a vision and the guts to see that vision come to reality. He sacrificed all for the good of the many and paid the ultimate price for it.

Sadly we have not yet got to the point that a man is judged by the content of his character but still the color of his skin. His goals and aims were achieved, as racism was greatly reduced (on all sides) and we now live in a country where you are free to do anything you wish. Except, it was taken way too far over the line where the color of your skin now dictates a lot of things: college acceptance, the amount of money that goes to our schools and the job you have or don't.

And why do I say MLK was a Republican? Because the forces of evil he was fighting were the entrenched Dixiecrats in the South led by Al Gore, Sr, William Fulbright, to a lesser extent JFK (who opposed the March on Washington and voted against Civil Right legislation) and that most hated Democrat Bull Connor.

According to my understanding, Doctor King wanted African-Americans to be equal to white Americans and in many respects we've gotten to that point, however many of the policies that were instituted in the name of civil rights ended up retarding the climb to equality. Welfare, food stamps and other "entitlement programs" have only caused urban America to whither and decay. We've now had three successive generations of failed liberal policies that have benefited no one and have left us with more poor and unemployed black men then ever before.

In America in 2013, we have an America where all are equal but where we are separate. This is not what was intended and it's not because of racism. Dr. King believed in us as one but his poorly qualified successors in the push for freedom made it all about us versus them and bastardized what MLK was saying.

I write this while an African-America is about to be inaugurated for a second term. I write this while charges of racism are hurled for even questioning what that president does while in office. Is this what MLK wanted? Is this the America he envisioned?

Doctor King had a dream and that dream was pissed on and twisted around by hucksters like Jesse Jackson who took the words of MLK and used them to not help those in need but to enrich themselves at the expense of those they purport to help.

Too bad Dr. King did not live.

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