Sunday, September 30, 2012

Univision Unloads on Obama and Fast and Furious

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No main stream media element in the US will cover it so leave it to a Spanish-language station to do the definitive documentary on Operation Fast and Furious.

2,000+ weapons were allowed to "walk" into Mexico without the authority or knowledge of the Mexican government. Those guns resulted in hundreds if not thousands of Mexican deaths and at least the deaths of two Americans, one being Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

This is a scandal worse than we've seen in decades. Watergate was peanuts in comparison and Iran-Contra and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandals were mere side stories when juxtaposed.

I don't really have to offer up the "what if Bush had done it" meme since we all know that it would have been on every news magazine for months and a movie would have already been released starring Selma Hayak as an aggrieved mother whose child was killed by Bush.

There's been a great many cases this election where the media have not just ignored a story but actively protected a sitting president by not even acknowledging the very existence of it. If I were Mitt Romney, I would spell it out and ask the president about it during the debates, During the domestic policy debate I would somehow add into one of the questions something akin to "and to add to our misery, President Obama's Justice Department authorized heavy weapons--as part of Operation Fast and Furious--to be smuggled into Mexico and the result was a dead agent, Brian Terry". In the foreign policy debate, I would insert something like: "Our closest southern neighbor can't even trust us when this president allowed heavy weapons to be 'walked' under Operation Fast and Furious, into their country without the knowledge of their government resulting in the death of hundreds of their citizens and one of our border agents; Brian Terry. That's not treating our neighbors and allies with any type of respect and it just goes to show how disastrous the Obama foreign policy has been".

If the media won't report it to the people, Romney will have to inform them himself. Sure, there will be editorial written about how mean it was of Mitt to bring it up but I guarantee you'll see a massive spike in Google searches for 'Operation Fast and Furious' and 'Brian Terry'.

See below a snippet of the special report and let's make this viral. Let's give the MSM the finger and show them that their time as the sole purveyors of information is past. If they cannot do their job--playing it straight with the American people--we will do it for them.

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