Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Almost Friday, hang in there. Here's what's worth reading today:

-I meant to write a longer post about this but you have to read all of this story. Obama teamed up with the private equity firm most-hated (at least until Bain) by the left, the Carlyle Group to save a Philly refinery. Good news for my region but he also included in the discussion Gov. Tom Corbett (R) whom the left has been vilifying for the recently upheld voter ID law he signed. Here's my favorite line from an idiot union official:

On the other side, Leo Gerard, an Obama supporter and president of the United Steelworkers union, which represents most employees at the refinery, said the union wouldn't have agreed to the deal if Bain had been across the table. "Our experience with Bain is that they strip and flip and walk out with as much as they can," Mr. Gerard said, while the union's experience with Carlyle "is the opposite." The union agreed to a new contract with modest concessions as part of the deal.
Oh really, Leo? You would have let the union close and 850 jobs go away if it was Bain that was the buyer? The union should fire this dick right now because he cares more about politics than their families. Either that or he's a complete lying bastard. It's probably a little of both since he knows full-well that Bain makes money and keeps companies afloat 80& of the time.

 Add to that the fact that Obama had the EPA ease off on environmental regulatory oversight.

 So let's summarize: Obama secured a deal behind closed doors that kept open a refinery that refines bakken crude into the fuel they hate most while bringing in a governor his party hates and a financial group liberals abhor while skirting environmental rules all to save jobs during an election year. Obama is shameless.

-Speaking of shamelessness and Obama, his campaign is breaking precedent to try to cause mayhem at the GOP convention. I'm cool with that, I can't wait to see a few hundred douchebag lefties trying to light Molotov cocktails in the rain of a hurricane.

-Obama thinks entirely too highly of himself.

-If you thought Islamofascist's we are trying to help killed our troops in the most cowardly fashion did so because they abhor our way our life you'd be wrong. They did it because they were hungry.

The media can condemn Christians and Jews for every single suspected bad thought but will not condemn Islamofascist's who commit murder by attacking those trying to train them to protect their country.

Remember when the media was in full hand-wringing mode that we would attack Muslims during Ramadan but now say they attack us during the same holiday period because of the stress of it? I guess Arabs attacking Israeli's during their holiest day was okay, right?

-The Romney-Ryan plan to attack Obama on Medicare seems to be working out okay.

-All the proof you need that global warming is a losing proposition for Democrats.

I leave you with the keynote speaker at the GOP convention's greatest hits:

-Update: Bonus pic showing just how badly Stephanie Cutter lied yesterday:

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