Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Almost Friday y'all.

Here's what's happening:

-Harry Reid throws out some lame charge he supposedly heard from a Bain Capital investor about Romney not filing taxes for 10-years or some other such bullshit and the vile Huffington Post picked it up. Today he said it on the floor of the Senate. When Jon Stewart makes fun of you and you're a Dem, you've crossed the line. I can't wait until Mitch McConnell takes the leaders role from this national embarrassment.

-The White House knew how bad it was at Solyndra and still through millions more of our money at the failing company. What an epic fail Obama's been and the pieces will take a decade to pick up and repair.

-Baghdad Jim McDermott has always hated America, now he wants to destroy us. He's a traitor and a scumbag.

-Via the Long War Journal, Former General Secretary of the UN Kofi Annan has kept his long streak of abject failure going with his abysmal showing in Syria. Interestingly, he bailed out on the day when noted Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama leaked that the CIA was arming the Syrian resistance. Coincidence?

-Pollsters have be-clowned themselves more in this election than ever before. In 2010 when the GOP smacked the shit out the Dems, the split was 35% Dem to 35% GOP. In 2008 when Obama rolled and the energy level on the Dem side was high they only accomplished a 6% lead. Pew Research has just released a poll showing a 19% democrat advantage. Anyone paying attention knows damn well that the energy is--perhaps not on the Romney side but--on the get Obama the hell out before he screws anything else up side. If anyone ever publishes a poll by them they should be discredited, mocked and pissed on. Via Save Jersey.

-And just because we've almost made it to Friday I bring you one of those enduring images of the Olympics:

Link here via the Prof.


Marc Palmarini said...

I cant wait to see obama giving Romney a tour of the White House like every leaving President does. :D

Scott said...

Or better yet, Michelle giving a tour to Ann Romney

Scott said...

Or better yet, Michelle giving a tour to Ann Romney