Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Mornin y'all and happy weekend.

-What the hell was that nightmare in London last night? Dude, bizarre don't even begin to explain what we saw on TV last night with Matt Lauer actually saying that part of it was "creepy". Why does every nation that hosts think they have to put on a huge spectacle? Why not just have a classy ceremony that focuses on the olympic ideal and leave all the other bullshit out?

-Speaking of the Olympics, let's hope the American's can keep up their dominating tradition. To all those who trained hard--from all nations--good luck.

-Rasmussen has Romney up 5%. That's exactly where Obama was at a comparable point in 2008.

-Obama continues the populist tack while the preceding item shows that it's a loser. He never seems to get the simple fact that Americans want all boats to rise and really don't have the inherent hatred for "the rich" that liberals think we do.

-Although the 5% lead by Romney is significant, the more telling number is the anemic 1.5% growth in GDP last quarter.

-Treacher is relentless.

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