Monday, July 30, 2012

Romney, Obama and the Wimp Factor

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Newsweek magazine (the magazine that was sold for a whopping $1) stayed true to their liberal form and released this cover:

This would be renowned failure Tina Brown's idea of how to get people to buy this irrelevant rag and generate some buzz. And buzz it did generate but it may not be the kind that Ms. Brown and her liberal friends anticipated. 

When one compares Romney to Obama and the comparison is on who is wimpier, the needle definitely points way more toward BHO than Mitt. Some cases in point:

Does a non-wimp sell out all his friends like Obama did to Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright or his own grandmother? Doe a real man allow a former president to take over a press conference and steal the show? Does a real man blame everyone else for their own failures and take no responsibility for anything? Does a real man allow a non-elected friend with zero national experience make all the important decisions for him? Should I continue? 

The man the $1 mag calls a "wimp" built a business, put on a world class event, amassed millions in a cut-throat business and has been through two hard fought primaries. 

Why I even acknowledge Newsweek I'll never know since they get roughly the traffic af this blog and are worth slightly less. 

Treach has more.

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