Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Romney Spokesman Ousted For Being Gay

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A huge mistake by Mitt.

It's time for Romney to stand up and be a leader.

His spokesman who is openly gay was pushed out of the campaign by social cons. Romney cannot let these zealots hold sway over his campaign and this may very well hurt him on many fronts.

To my fellow Republicans, I ask you, think about what this looks like. We are the party of opportunity and to allow this to happen bothers me and makes me wonder just what kind of leader Romney will be. To accede to the wishes of these closed-minded bigots is the wrong move and Romney will need all the brains he can hire for this campaign.

Doesn't the Romney campaign see exactly how this will play in the media? At a time we are seeing Obama get creamed on a bunch of fronts, Romney allows this BS to happen?

He was running a pretty good campaign over the last several weeks and needed to just allow Obama to continue to implode. His Osama victory lap isn't playing well at all and he was riding a nice wave. Now this.

Mitt needs to get out there and slap down the bastards who forced this to occur and make damn sure everyone knows that the GOP is not going to play this game anymore.

Update: There's some arguments as to why he was asked to leave but my original thoughts remain valid; it looks terrible for the campaign but luckily it appears this story doesn't have quite the legs it would have if Obama had put out the ridiculous "Julia" garbage.

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