Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Legacy of Rachel Carson

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Back in the early seventies, Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring and the book caused the use of DDT to be curtailed or banned. DDT was a potent pesticide that killed mosquitoes and was highly effective in tropical areas where mosquito-borne disease was rampant. In the years since, an estimated 30-million have  died because of those diseases, mainly malaria.

Carson hypothesized that DDT was harming animals and potentially humans and particularly she guessed that the decline in bald eagles was due to DDT causing eggs to be more fragile. The environmental movement used the symbol of America to reduce and ultimate stop completely the use of the chemical.
This was the first instance in which unproven science was used to attack chemical corporations on a large scale and also sentence millions of children to a preventable death.

Ironically, that same environmental movement is today causing the deaths of thousands of raptors including eagles:
"The greatest threat to migrating birds in my lifetime is unfolding in those mountains," said Jesse Grantham, former California condor coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "As for condors, strikes are inevitable. They travel together when a food source appears, so a single turbine blade could take out a lot of them in one swing."
The irrational fight against "climate change" has led us to wind power, which is not exactly proven as a carbon reducer and directly threatens species that have been brought back from the brink by reduced hunting and public knowledge. The California Condor was considered a prime example of rescuing struggling avian populations and now they face a new threat thrust upon them by a radical environmental lobby that acts first (and procures federal tax dollars) before fully investigating the consequences. Kinda sounds like Obamacare in my opinion.

So, here we are, 50 years since Rachel Carson started the movement and we have regressed to the point that that same movement is giving back substantial gains all in the name of reducing a gas all of us exhale hundreds of times per day.

Irony doesn't begin to express it.

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