Monday, April 02, 2012

W. Stays Above the Fray

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Politico asks the question "Where is George W. Bush?". It's a good question but one easily answered.

Prior to Bill Clinton, presidents left office with class and did not speak ill of other presidents. They also didn't question policy decisions of those who succeeded them because it was considered bad taste and also they were believed to understand the pressures of the most-difficult job on the planet.

But Clinton changed that. He is such a narcissist and attention hog that he couldn't just leave. No, Bubba broke the rules because there's one thing Clinton can't take and that's being ignored. Sure I get he didn't like being blamed for the attacks on 9/11 and felt he had to set the record straight using whatever means necessary; he probably shouldn't have sent Sandy Burger, but I digress.

What will happen when--if the country has any sense--Obama is bounced out on his ass in November? We'll be stuck with a forcefully retired, solipsistic bastard ripping every single decision Romney makes.

Better that than a solipsistic bastard still making decisions in the Oval Office.

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