Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

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On my way to play 18 at the local muni.

Here's what's news:

-Glenn Reynolds on Obamacare and the pathetic showing of the SG: It's hard to defend the indefensible.

-It turns out Keith Olbermann is an even bigger prick than I thought he was. I didn't think that was possible.

-Well, I guess I'm racist and diseased, Sucks for me I suppose. I'll be strong and learn to live with it, though.

-I'm big into British bands again; especially the Stone, Kinks and the Who. I downloaded Let It Bleed a few months ago and have to say it's simply the best Stones albums. Exile always gets votes but from the opening of Give Me Shelter the album flows. Jagger/Richards always standout but the epic Mick Taylor/Brian Jones licks and great piano riffs by Nicky Hopkins propel the album:

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