Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Welcome to Monday. The Flyers dispatched the Devils in OT so life is good.

Here's what's new in the world:

-Some dude in Cali is suing BMW because he's had a woody for 20-months after riding on their cycle. The seat is aftermarket and costs $200. I'm guessing that he saved that in Viagra costs alone.

-Obama's 2012 slogan is "Forward". I guess when one can't run on what they've accomplished (or not in this case), one must definitely look in another direction. The MSNBC link is unmistakable but really, a 7+ minute video? How the hell did they find seven minutes of anything worth crowing about?

-I don't tweet and probably won't for the foreseeable future. However, many people do and Michelle Malkin has started a site that aggregates twitter tweets from a conservative angle. She started Hot Air and, to be honest, the site is growing on me daily.

-AP says that the attacks on US servicemen are being under-reported. It's time to get out. Just like Vietnam; if you're going to fight a war with one hand tied around your nuts, it's time to bring our brave men and women home.

-The Diplomad (2.0) has some thoughts on a Biden speech about foreign policy and pans it. Really, have you ever heard any speech by Obama or Biden that made you stand up and say "I'm proud to be an American"? Me neither. His speeches are uninspiring and flat for the most part. Think back to the speeches of Reagan, Kennedy or even Clinton and they filled with hope and resolve. Not The One.

-I leave you with the genius of Neil Peart and Rush with The Trees. Political never sounded so good:

 By the way, it's criminal that Rush is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Elite critics always hated them but music fans don't.

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