Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Old White Guy Says Black Hero Selling Out Race

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This is probably the lowest form of racism because he claims to be on the side of the majority of the minority group:

In Moran's world Col. West--like all black people--only got where he was by rules enacted by the government and to then want smaller government or have your own views on issues counter to those of the big government party is tantamount to being a sellout to your race. It never occurs to the very simple Moran that Col. West attained his success because he worked harder than others, studied to become smarter and developed his ideas after his life experiences. No, to Moran, the only good black person is one who sees everything through the prism of race.

Moran is a blatant racist here but will never be called on it because in the eyes of liberals and the media (redundant, I know) people on the left can never be racist.

For the record; I still have to point this out because the media will never do it. It was the GOP who pushed through the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts and it was vehemently opposed by the Dixiecrats including Al Gore, Sr. and Bill Clinton mentor J. William Fulbright.

Hat tip: Hot Air.

Update: Ace nails it as usual.

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