Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Greetings y'all. Hope you're all having a great night.

Here's what's new:

-Dems sure are feeling the heat from rising gas prices. They see the perfect storm of long-lingering high unemployment and $4 gas as a death blow to them getting reelected. Obama's coattails can go the other direction. So what do they do? They scream for the Saudis to open the taps but will not allow us to drill in the US. I can't wait to see them losing the Senate and presidency on the same day while the GOP holds the House.

-This is irony at it's deepest. Two lesbians are facing hate crimes charges for beating up a gay guy. Really. Bruce seems as perplexed as I am. Next we'll have two dark-skinned black guys facing hate crime charges for for beating a light-skinned black man.

-David Brock made a huge mistake taking on Fox News. They are getting their revenge.

-The Aussies chose the lesser of two evils. They're still stuck with the horrific global warming taxes.

-This cutie from the UK does a great job singing the Chili Pepper's Wet Sand:

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