Monday, February 27, 2012

Act of Valor Celebrates Those of Us Who Served & Gives Critics the Finger

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We've all seen you basic war movie of the last twenty years. I'll use Platoon as an example. Soldiers go to war, the majority are either illiterate morons, blood thirsty killers or the one star who is conflicted about his countries participation or the actions the fighting force is taking. There's always the underlying theme that America is bad. The only two movies that even remotely got away from that are Battle: Los Angeles and the Hurt Locker. Think of every war movie you've seen since the 80's--Apocalypse Now, Jarhead, Three Kings, the horrific Navy SEALs fiasco and on and on. The military is painted in a bad light and the combatants are cast as unwilling dupes.

Not Act of Valor. This movie stars the real men who have seen death and lived to tell about through training, smarts and camaraderie. These men, like most who enlist or accept a commission believe in America and believe they owe this nation something. I joined for that reason and so did my brother and my Dad. I have a friend I've known since childhood who was a SEAL and still works protecting our country.

Watch the trailer and tell me it's not worth seeing just to give the libs in Hollywood bad case of acid reflux.

The story is fiction based on fact. Real missions of the the Navy SEALs--the most elite special warfare group in the world--as acted by the men who actually planned, executed and survived them. This is not Charlie Sheen playing someone whose ass he couldn't wipe in real life. This isn't Tom Cruise putting on a flight suit and riding his cycle down a runway. No, this is a story of guys--some immigrants--who see America as a beacon for the world. They wear the uniform with pride and will do anything for the man beside them in battle. They are the tip of the spear for US military operations and that spear many times gets thrust into a raging hornets nest but they go anyway because the mission is greater then themselves.

These men are family men, not the beer-swilling idiots they are often portrayed to be in your typical Hollywood production. They care about family, their brothers in arms and country. These believes are so alien to liberals as a whole and Hollywood in particular that they can't comprehend what they are seeing and can't understand why this movie led in box office receipts at a small amount of theaters. They will never grasp the fact that five minutes after the movie was over, the entire audience sat stunned and didn't speak, cheer or clap but just admired what these men do on a regular basis.

This movie was what you would expect from the trailer, a portrayal of men finely trained doing what they do best played by men who do it. Liberal critics have panned it and they have a right to their opinion because that's another thing us in the vets or active duty military joined to protect--their right to write or think whatever they want. This is real, these men will take out an enemy without a second thought because they are the bad guys--a concept that liberals can never understand. They will pop a dude in the head from 400-yards because the mission calls for it--no equivocation.

Besides, those very people who heap disdain on the military or this movie will be happy when men like the SEALs in the movie are called upon to rescue them or someone they love. Most vets don't want your praise and really don't care about the scorn they receive from guys whose greatest fear is not getting a table at the new hip restaurant or whose most dangerous moment was when they had to give their masters oral exam. No, they couldn't care less about those people. They care about the idea of America and those who make us great. They care even more about those who wish Americans harm and will give their lives to ensure that it doesn't happen.

Go see this movie and tell me I'm wrong.

Here's to hoping they make an entire series of these with active duty Delta guys, Rangers, submariners, pilots and tank jockeys. And to our special forces who have been more active since 9/11 then damn near anyone, I wish to say thank you for your service.

I'll be called simple-minded and unable to see the nuance in every situation and that is fine. I can live without being thought of as smart and intellectual by people who live in ivory towers and piss on those of us who gave up long periods of time being with our loved ones and in some cases our lives. I see no issue in exterminating those who want to kill millions and will never blame those who have the balls and ability to do it. They are the ones who protect the American dream and allow some hyper-educated, yet moronic writer to condemn them. They and I really don't give a damn what you think but have put our lives on the line (and some lost theirs) for your right to say it.

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