Saturday, February 11, 2012

Enough About Abortion and Contraception Being "Women's Health" Issues

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I've been irritated by this for years and now we have it spewing from the mouth of San Fran Nan with regard to the debate on Obamacare and the church over contraception:

“This is about women’s health,”
No it's most definitely not.

Please Democrats and liberals, stop with this ridiculous line about contraceptive devices being health issues for women. Granted, using condoms will indeed stop the spread of HIV but so will abstinence. And what about an IUD or the pill? They do nothing to help a woman's health except in the instances when the pill helps regulate a woman's cycle.

And this garbage that abortions are a health issue is ridiculous. Abortions harm women regardless of what the abortion mills like Planned Parenthood say. They harm the biological health and the mental health of those women who have them. Perhaps 1% of all abortions are for the health of the mother, the rest are just retroactive birth control.

It's amusing that the media will believe every single word about global warming and not print any facts that emerge from those who seek to dispel the global warming myth. As long as it was from a scientist who is on the "right" side of the issue; the side that believes in the scam, it gets reported.

However, when it comes to abortion and there's credible evidence that it may indeed cause breast cancer, not a peep. And no, this is not an anti-abortion screed, read what I've written in the past.

Nanny Bloomberg bans anything that remotely may be harmful to people but I've yet to hear him on this issue, but I digress.

Getting back to my original point; explain to me how forcing churches to provide contraception against their will is going to help keep any woman healthy. It won't and the libs know it. This is all a charade and an excuse to rebuke Christian's as a group because liberals hate religion more than anything...except that cult started by L. Ron Hubbard. They've always wanted to take on the religion and after some favorable polling decided now was the time.

The whole women's health thing is an obstacle they throw up to stop any discussion on abortion or contraception. It's designed to get women as a bloc riled up and they use it expertly. The feminist movement is loud and can mobilize quickly as the Susan J. Komen Foundation recently found out (I guess when you have no boyfriend, husband or kids, you have al lot of free time).

You can say you are pro-abortion and pro-contraception but please do not insult our intelligence by calling them women's health issues.

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