Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama: I Won Iraq War Even Though I Opposed Winning Strategy

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Our new FDR will tell us tonight how he cunningly won the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people with subliminal signals to the Sunni's to "awaken" and that GWB had absolutely nothing to do with it. Update: he mentioned Bush.

This is farce on a grand scale; Obama (and Reid and Pelosi and...) was adamant about his opposition to The Surge when it was up for debate. He had zero trust in our president and, more importantly, zero trust in our troops to win. Obama was against the war from the beginning yet is going to stand up and take credit for the win like the reporter in Major League who was pissing all over the Indians and by the end of the season was wearing an Indian headdress.

Here's a nice recap of what his position really was:

How farcical is this? Obama's spokesparrot wishes he called in sick today as he was destroyed by a FoxNews anchor who ate his lunch and then kicked his ass all over the studio while Gibbs' used his usual pretzel logic trying to spin it. I guess he gets props for going on Fox but gets a big demerit for getting his booty smacked by a person much better prepared. Dude, you're the spokesman for the President of the United States for crying out loud.

Sarah Palin turns the knife a bit as well.

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