Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Night News & Notes

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Happy Monday...alright, Mondays blow for the most part but it could be worse, we could have four years left of Obamanomics instead of three.

Anyway, here's what's news:

-The Iranians displayed new air defense weapons supplied by our buddy Putin. They didn't seem to work so well for Syria. That whole negotiation without preconditions is working out real well, isn't it?

-Chris Christie has stirred up a serious hornets nest in taking on the entrenched teachers unions in New Jersey. The schools are pushing hard to get people out to vote and have threatened every thing from doubling up classes to cutting sports programs. How about cutting some of the fat from administrations. School taxes come partially from property taxes and partially from state taxes for the record.

-Tom Tancredo is a blithering idiot.

-Nancy pelosi saidwe wouldn't know what was in the healthcare bill until we voted on it. I tink she was a bit shocked to realize that Congress and their staffs will get fined millions under the law. Obamacare is off to a roaring start.

-Obama subpoenaed over Hassan's Fort Hood shooting.

-I've felt the Earth move while getting busy but this is ridiculous.

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