Monday, April 19, 2010

The Left Becomes More Unhinged

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I didn't think it was possible after witnessing a Bush assassination wet dream put to film, the outright racist attacks on Condi Rice and the myriad other vile attacks that had they been made against a Democrat would have been on every front page in America. No my friends, the left is even more unhinged than ever before and this time they are losing, which incenses them more.

Sarah Palin has been the prime target along with Rush and Glenn Beck of late but they really have been saving their venom for the Tea Party movement. Slick Willy came out on the 15th anniversary of Timothy McVeigh's attack on the Murrah Building to urge the country to heed the anger exhibited by the tea partiers. To top that, the scummy Joe Klein said that Palin and Beck are "right up close to being seditious" for doing what they all claimed was patriotic when Bush was in office: dissenting. There will be no dissent in Obamanation and his media henchmen will ensure that they do their McCarthian best to slander anyone who does. Besides, based on the definition of sedition, wouldn't Obama's bestest buddy Bill Ayers have fit the definition to a tee?

These idiots were thinking they were clever calling Bush a nazi and painting swastikas all over posters of Bush and Cheney and now they are accusing two American citizens--not elected folks--of a crime that carries a penalty of death. For a few more examples of just how unhinged the left is, go here if you can stomach it (pic above taken from Zombie's site).

But hey, we have all of these evil "teabaggers" threatening to kill congresswomen and stuff, the guy making the threat was a Democrat and the congresswoman was a Republican? That kind of goes against the paradigm. In the immortal words of Emily Litella: Never mind.

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