Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Not much posting lately but a new one below. Busy as hell and it's going to get worse with baseball starting as soon as this brutal winter that dropped about 80-some inches of global warming on our collective asses ends.

Anyway, here's the latest news:

-Nice party the Dem's have. Their main tax man is a tax cheat, a fact we've been talking about for years and now another esteemed male congressman was hitting on a male staffer. Pervert, hypocrites and liars are dictating the course of our country. Americana indeed.

-A push is on to put The Gipper on the $50 bill. I sure hope they don't trade that for healthcare passage.

-Obama owes Bush one on Iraq. BTW, has anyone heard any nes from Afghanistan? We are making headway and unfortunately our men and women are dying in the process. If Bush were still in office it would be front and center but with Nobama not so much.

-When even Michael Moore sours on the president, you know you've lost the fat, hypocritical, tax sponging demographic.

-Nancy Pelosi: Worst Speaker ever.

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