Wednesday, March 03, 2010

7th Blogiversary (A Few Days Late)

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Damn, seven years posting at this little old site. Thousands and thousands of posts (some good, some horrid, none erased) and quite a few great moments. I felt as if I had a little part in keeping up support for our troops when things were at the absolute worst in Iraq, rebutting the global warming zealots back when doing so was on a par with contradicting the word of Mohammed; or at least drawing a picture of him and publishing it and alerting the world to what Obama would bring to this great nation.

Seven years blogging is a millenia and when I started, it was pretty much equivalent to crude paintings on cave walls so the analogy is apt.

Anyway, as I do annually, I'd like to thank some of those who've linked to me and kept me doing this when I thought it was time to say screw it and bag it.

-Glenn Reynolds: The dude is the master. He links to shit that I am drawn to for some reason. I click and wonder why: electronics or sports gear at Amazon, some obscure news site or some scrub like me. The prof is still the best on the web and I hope he keeps at this for a long time. If there's ever a blog hall of fame--like the Rock and Roll HOF--it should be in Knoxville, TN. Hell, anywhere but Cleveland. I would say Glenn is not quite the Beatles but a mix of The Stones, The Clash, Black Sabbath, Spinal Tap, the Grateful Dead, Black Flag, Delbert McClinton, Madness with some Sublime thrown in. Thanks for the links over the years, Professor Reynolds.

-Tim Blair: His bullshit meter pegged at about an eleven when this global warming garbage started. Keep in mind, in Australia, they fell hard for it and it wasn't a theory but a daily deal, which cost the island nation billions. When the East Anglia e-mails were splattered across the web, I drank a few Victoria Bitter's (alright, ten or so) in Tim's honor because he was doing battle in a place where they bought in hook, line and sinker. Thanks Tim for the links over the years and I'm drinking one to your health as I write.

-Charles Johnson: I'm loathe to do this because he went way over the edge in Andrew Sullivanesque fashion. He once was a beacon but now is sadly a shell. Thanks anyway and please don't ever agree with me again.

-Terri: The lovely one who does this for the same reasons I do--a release and means to get out what you can't scream out at work. Thanks Terri.

-Lastly, to my beautiful wife of 19-years who abides me spending time waxing inanely about the days events. It helped when I got paid a year for doing so but now she just shakes her head and stands her ground when she thinks I'm essentially a blithering idiot...that would be most days.

Here's to another seven years and I hope they aren't still under the Obama administration.


Darren said...

No thanks to me? I'm crushed.


Good Lieutenant said...

Love that Phils pic. Happy Blogoversary!

Terri said...

Hey Scott! Congratulations! Both in the blogiversary and the 19 years of marriage. You are always a gem to read!