Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weekly Good, Bad and Really Ugly

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Haven't posted in a few days so here's a quick review of the week:


-US, British and Canadian forces are attacking the Taliban in the Helmand Province town of Marjah. This is the largest offensive in years and the first big offensive since Obama took office. Thank you to our great and long-term allies who are helping us. This will be a tough slog but we have the greatest military in the world and the best soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to get the job done. Two NATO fighters have given the ultimate for the cause.

-NJ Governor Chris Christie was elected to get the Garden State's fiscal house in order. He's living up to that by freezing spending via executive order and pissing off the Democrats in the process. He's making some hard choices and has stuck to his pledge to cut spending and not raise taxes even though the pressure to do so has been intense. Expect to hear some bad things about the guv and expect to read story after story of how people are suffering because of the cold-hearted conservative currently leading the state with the highest taxes in the nation. The Dems/libs will come after him hard led by the left-wing rag the Newark Star-Ledger.


-A professor whom was denied tenure shot three people in Huntsville, AL. Liberals will paint this as some crazed hillbilly gun nut who clings to religion shooting up a school. They would be lying.

-Obama signs Pay Go--a pay as you go plan-the day after he signs off on a debt ceiling increase of another $1.9-trillion. Yes, with a "t". He's spending us into oblivion.


-Joe Biden actually had the gall to say the following:

I am very optimistic about Iraq. I think it's going to be one of the great achievements of this administration.
This is the same a-hole who proposed a dumb ass three-state solution and Obama is the one who was vehemently against the surge when President Bush proposed it. The very same surge that cost Bush a ton politically but saved the Iraqi nation and the lives of a great many of our troops. Obama was in the Harry Reid and Murtha camp and didn't trust in our military leaders as capable. After Bush's instincts proved successful and our men and women accomplished the supposed impossible, Biden claims credit for the man who did nothing. The Iraq war wasn't even a campaign issue by the end of the summer in 2008. For the record, the Iraq Victory celebration happened even before Obama was inaugurated.

If I had the ear of prominent Republicans, I would produce ads featuring Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi expressing severe doubts about the surge and then add that little claim by Biden at the end. The American people know damn well who won and who will get credit and sure as hell won't be Obama or Biden.

-How much money was redistributed in the name of saving the climate? Trillions and trillions on a claim that has been proven to be hideously wrong. At least we didn't fall for it as much as the Aussie's or Europe did.

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