Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Night News and Notes

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Guess what? More snow falling. Shocker.

Here's what's new:

You know how "real journalists" always bust on bloggers because we don't have layers of fact checking and editors so we can't be trusted? That's working out really well at the NY Times.

-According to a study funded in part by those with an interest in the petroleum industry, the US will lose out on $2.36 trillion in revenue from the bans on drilling for oil and natural gas in ANWR and off the coasts. We're talking energy independence, jobs and major export money at our fingertips and Congress won't let us touch it.

-The Top 100 Conservative Websites. Alas, your old buddy ER isn't among them. I'm sure I was on the bubble like #101...

-Governor Terry Pawlenty follows NJ guv Chris Christie in the attempt to reinstitute fiscal sanity.

-Why can't we have government just like Europe? Liberals always ask that.

-In honor of Presidents Day, an essay on the greatness of that great Republican; Abraham Lincoln.

-This is humorous:

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